Ewa Dąbrowska- animals have accompanied me from an early age. It did not matter to me whether they were big or small, but it was important that they were :-), I love them all, and the most dogs, cats and horses.
After college, I ran a horse riding center, I gained the license of riding instructor.
From 2003, I started to show dogs and started my adventure with cynology. Since then, my view of dog care and upbringing has begun to change a lot. Together with my partner Tomasz Gacioch, we opened a home hotel for dogs and cats (the Boarding Centre for dogs and cats), constantly trying to educate in terms of knowledge about dogs and cats.
For the best of animals, which remain under my care, for all the time I try to educate. I finished the Petsitter course at COAPE Poland, and other courses like: "The first aid for animals" and "the Selected issues from the socialization of puppies and adult dogs", as well as "Grooming Course".
Very important for me was to finish "the Dog Training Course", which helped me in breeding work, as well as with the animals that I look after. When conducting dog training, I can see how important it is to make the owners aware of the language of dogs, to make them aware of the essence of functioning with dogs and the dog-man relationship. Knowledge of behavior and development stages helps in breeding as well as in work related to the transport of animals, especially puppies and kittens.
A small mistake of a person taking care of puppies or kittens during transport may cause permanent, unfavorable changes in the young psyche and affect its functioning in the future.
That's why I'm constantly trying to train and broaden my knowledge so that I can best serve my services.

Tomasz Gacioch- I have been working with animals for 15 years. I feel that I can establish special relations with them, which lead to the creation of a deep relationship and the thread of understanding. Even the most difficult cases turn out to be tame.
Working with horses and running a horse stud, I learned one thing - it is enough to have an appropriate, individual approach, and you can do everything. Peace, self-control and good will give you the opportunity to communicate with the most difficult individual.
My learning through practice, gathering experience and expanding knowledge through training allowed me to run a home hotel for dogs and cats- Boarding Centre for dogs and cats, where I gained the opportunity to learn about the psyche and mechanisms of behavior of dogs- the animals who are so close to us.
Home dog breeding, which I have the pleasure to help leading, gives me a chance to learn about the stages of dogs' development, and the knowledge gained in this area is priceless.
First aid and behavior Course combined with experience provide a huge foundation for working with animals that accompany me at every moment of my life.
I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in cooperation with a dog trainer who also trained my beloved dog- Jogie - fila brasileiro. This training work gave me the tools necessary for work and communing with dogs of different breeds.
What is the most important for me is to prepare animals for safe transport, take care of them during the trip in such way that they will be relaxed and in as short a time as possible they reached their owners, who will have the opportunity to enjoy "smiling" and "satisfied" companions.