Our Dear Customer,
We make every effort to ensure that our offer and services are of the highest standard, as we have experience and qualifications in working with animals. We do our work professionally, and most importantly we love animals, we understand them and know their needs. For transporting animals we approach as to every work we do with the animals - we want them to travel to their new homes in a pleasant way and in the least stressful way :).
In addition, we offer you the possibility to leave your pet in our BOARDING CENTER if the journey is long or it is impossible to transport your animal directly. Don't worry we can help you :-) We also know, from our experience that a short rest has a very positive effect on each animal, and the opportunity to become familiar with us as companions means that your pupil can travel much better, with less stress. Our Canis Maior boarding center is open to all for a short rest and relaxation in a pleasant, quiet place with a large garden, where all pets can enjoy the fun and little madness :).
We are close to Chopin Airport in Warsaw, so transport to and from the airport is also possible.
The comfort of animals traveling with us is a superior value for us, therefore transport of animals takes place in air-conditioned passenger cars. Animals travel in comfortable containers adapted to their size. We strive to make the journey as short as possible while ensuring the right amount of stops.
We have a license to transport animals and our cars meet all the requirements for means of transport intended for long-distance pets transport TYPE2. Cars and cages after each transport are carefully cleaned and disinfected. All our vehicles are equipped with a GPS system